Tracir Financial Services, Inc. began operations in 1988 as a captive finance company for the Ricart Automotive Group located in Columbus, Ohio.  In 2005, we expanded our operation to include dealerships outside of the captive arena in Ohio.

As the auto financing market continued to grow, Tracir Financial realized there was a need for quality lenders to service the market.  In 2007, Tracir Financial expanded outside of Ohio region. Our footprint today includes Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Our valuable service of indirect automobile financing has proven beneficial to numerous used car businesses and customers alike.

An Experienced Company

We assist in meeting the needs of people who may not have access to conventional sources by offering automobile dealers a wide range of financing options for their customer. We deploy over 100 years of experience in the subprime automotive finance industry to fulfill the needs of dealers and consumers alike in seven states. We use a commonsense approach to lending, delivering reliable credit decisions that benefit everyone involved.  We pride ourselves in offering the consumer an opportunity to reestablish their credit and realize greater credit opportunities in the future.

We're Tracir Financial Services

We pride ourselves in providing a well-balanced environment offering the consumer an opportunity to potentially reestablish their credit and possibly realize greater credit opportunities in the future.

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