Funding Tips

A maximum of 30 days should be given for the first payment on all loans. The first payment date should be between the 1st and the 24th of the month. All the contracts must be assigned to Tracir Financial Services. In addition, all contracts must be Arbitration.

Driver’s License
Every Buyer and Co-Buyer must have a valid driver's license in the state they reside. We do not accept temporary permits, driving privileges, suspended or expired driver's license.

Proof of Residence
We require a current bank statement or utility bill that has been mailed to the customer within 30 days of the Contract Date.

Credit Applications
We require a completed, signed credit application for all customers. If possible, please list the physical address where the customer works, instead of the corporate office.

Income Proof
W2 customers - Require two current paystubs.

Self Employed customers – Require three months most recent bank statements

Retired / SSI customers – Requires one-month bank statements and an active awards letter

All customers - Child support obligations or other deductions will need to be calculated and factored into the customer’s debt.

A copy of the insurance card or declaration page is required. The name and phone number of the insurance company or insurance agent must be provided. Our maximum deductibles for the vehicle are $500 comprehensive and $500 collision.