Portfolio Acquisitions

Our objective is to utilize our years of experience in the automotive industry to purchase auto receivable charge-offs and deficiencies from established banking and automotive dealers.

The process is so simple that we might elect to establish a forward flow relationship so we can purchase your written off debt on a monthly or quarterly basis. We base the purchase price on accuracy of account information, the enforceability of the contract and the age of the receivables.

We provide you with top dollar offer to help you capitalize on your company’s bottom line.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at portfolio@tracirfinancial.com

Turn your uncollected receivables into cash quickly

Reduce your staffing and overhead

Improve the bottom-line of your company

Focus time and energy on profitable areas of your business not charge-offs

Develop a long-term partner that treats you fairly

We're Tracir Financial Services

We pride ourselves in providing a well-balanced environment offering the consumer an opportunity to potentially reestablish their credit and possibly realize greater credit opportunities in the future.

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